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Achieving the Highest Level of Excellence Since 2000

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In-Studio classes available at Medway and Sherborn Academies!

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Health And Wellness Protocol

Seishin prides itself in being a safe and healthy learning environment for it’s students. To ensure the safety and wellbeing off students/staff, we are enforcing the following:

What Is Seishin?

Seishin Martial Arts / Sport Karate Academy is the premier martial arts school for sport karate in Greater Boston and has been since its establishment in 2000. Over the past 20 years Seishin has  has guided countless students to blackbelt while aiding countless others in achieving their personal goals in the martial arts. Seishin’s martial arts and fitness class offerings are for both children and adults and for people of all ability levels. Seishin’s goal is to not only create outstanding martial artists and athletes, but to help guide our students to improve their lives and become outstanding people. Seishin means true heart/true spirit which captures the essence of what Seishin helps students achieve. This principle of developing the mind and body has been the driving force in creating the fun and rewarding programs we offer today for all age groups and individuals.


Seishin instructs a two part curriculum of Kenpo (traditional/classic martial arts) and Sport Karate (Modern Training & Athletics). Kenpo is a combination of Chinese and Japanese martial arts originating in Okinawa as Kajukenbo later evolving in the Hawaiian Islands as Kenpo. Kenpo’s primary focus is on self-defense whereas Sport Karate is the athletic and competitive side of the martial arts including but not limited to point sparring, weapons training, forms (kata), and acrobatics. Seishin’s martial arts system also includes elements including but not limited to Japanese Jujutsu, Aikido, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Capoeira, and Wing Chun. 


In addition to its success with-in its own walls, Seishin has also had great success in tournament competition. Over the years, Seishin has produced  28 state champions, 30 national champions, and 12 world champions. Seishin has produced at least 1 National champion every year since 2002. Our regional competition team, “Team Seishin,” is consistently ranked as one of the best in New England and Seishin maintains a close relationship with “Team Straight Up,” a top competitive sport karate team which competes throughout the Americas and Europe. Seishin students have also been members of Team USA/WKC USA World Team, and Seishin’s founder Shihan Eric trains with Professor Rocky DiRico, a founding member of the prestigious Paul-Mitchell Karate Team. Seishin instructors have been featured on/in ESPN, movies, documentaries, and music videos.


Though Seishin has achieved many accolades over the years, Seishin’s greatest success occurs off the mat. While Seishin does create many champions in the martial arts ,Seishin truly prides itself in creating countless champions off the mat by helping students achieve their personal goals and personal best. Based off the Japanese Code of Bushido (Way of the Warrior) students are taught the importance of the Principles of Conduct: effort, etiquette, character, sincerity, and self-control. Seishin truly aids students in developing their mind, body, and spirit and helping young students foster relationships amongst classmates and build life skills that will last them a life time. Thank you for your interest in our academy, and we welcome you to experience what’s set Seishin apart from the rest since 2000.

Want to learn more? Learn about our story or see what were up to with #seishinfamily.

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Distance Learning Program

In Addition to our award winning in studio programs, Seishin features a full remote & hybrid Distance Learning Program featuring weekly ZOOM classes.



Seishin is home to a variety of programs tailor made to fit the needs of different age groups. 

Class Schedule  Click Here
A Champion Teaching Staff

Seishin's instruction staff is made up of the best martial arts competitors in the world. Our team is full of National and World Champions from sport martial arts competition.

A Team Of Champions

Seishin is home to "Team Seishin," one of the top ranked competition teams in New England, as well as numerous members of the national team, "Team Straight Up."

Our school is full of state, regional, national, and world champion martial artists.



74 MAIN ST. MEDWAY, MA. 02053

(508) 533-1501


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