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3.5-6 Year Old Program

Seishin's Age 3.5-6 Program provides a fun and exciting martial arts class specialized for this age group which focuses on developing coordination, balance, and listening skills along with rudimentary martial arts techniques. Themed topics are discussed that we call "The Principles of Conduct" and include effort, etiquette, character, sincerity, and self-control. Class warmups focus on improving coordination, listening skills, hand-eye coordination, and confidence building through fun activities and games. Students are instructed in rudimentary fundamental martial arts curriculum which is structured in this specialized program allowing them to achieve fixed goals and achieve personal accomplishments.The program provides students with physical and mental development through fun martial arts techniques and classroom exercises. The program is also a means to provide students with the ability to improve their social skills through classroom involvement and communication with other students and our instructors. The benefits of the program include making eye contact when speaking, politely addressing their peers and instructors, and developing improved focus skills through their martial arts practice and training.

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