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Adult Program

Seishin's Adult Program specializes in the instruction of Kenpo Karate and includes elements of other martial arts styles. Kenpo was created to provide people with a system based self-defense style which is fast, effective, and practical, combining ancient systems of Chinese Kung Fu with Japanese Karate and Okinawan weapons training (Kabudo).  



This program is designed for students (karateka) of all ability levels. Our curriculum and class structure provide students with cardiovascular exercise, flexibility training, strength and conditioning, and relaxation training in addition to the standard curriculum of martial arts techniques. During classes students work on their rank/belt requirements through a combination of classroom drills/ techniques and receive specific instruction by the instructor regarding there progress and individual goal accomplishments. Classes are also aimed at allowing students an outlet to depressurize at the end of the day while training their mind, body, and spirit. The program also aids students seeking a higher level of personal achievement through individual goal setting in a fun, friendly, clean, and welcoming environment.

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