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Our Story

We started our own martial arts journeys at a very young age and were hooked right away. Today, we get to live our dream of sharing the benefits of the martial arts with our community. As a competitors, we had the incredible opportunity to travel the world competing in world martial arts events, became national and world champions, and represented one of the best sport karate teams in the world. As coaches, we now guide our own competitors towards accomplishing the same great success. As instructors, we look forward to every class, young or old, beginner or advanced, helping our students accomplish their goals. Whether its seeing them accomplish physical feats they never thought possible, overcoming a learning disability, or revealing the confidence thats already inside begging to come out, we love every moment about what we do. Of course, we are also very lucky to be joined by an amazing team of instructors and student leaders dedicated to helping all of our students reach their full potential.


But for us, the real joy in what we do is seeing the lasting impacts we make on our students lives. We teach our young students about hard work with the goal being a black belt and/or a championship. But the real goal is to give them the skills to succeed as adults in the world. We provide a program for our adults to workout and learn self-defense, but also give them a supportive community that allows them to de-pressurize and unite their mind and body. Not all of the benefits of the martial arts can be physically seen, and that what make our job so rewarding.


To our existing students, thank you for being a part of our Seishin family and showing an interest in learning more about our school. To potential new students, thank you for considering Seishin to start your martial arts journey. It is our pleasure to share with you more about what makes us who we are.


Who We Are:

Seishin in the Japanese language means true heart, true spirit, true being. At Seishin Martial Arts / Sport Karate Academy, we take this as our basic philosophy in developing each student into fantastic individuals inside and outside the dojo. Based off the Japanese Code of Bushido (Way of the Warrior) students are taught the importance of the Principles of Conduct: effort, etiquette, character, sincerity, and self-control. By using the physical and mental aspects of the Martial Arts as a guide, we aim to make a lasting impact on both students and the community as a whole. Seishin Martial Arts offers instruction from a staff including both National and World Champions from the sport karate competition circuits. Our highly skilled instructors are well-qualified in training students of all ages, ranks, and abilities. We are currently producing a new generation of champions, as well as students who are champions in their own right.

Our staff is trained to work with high-caliber individuals who take a natural affinity for success in the sport, as well as students who need just a little extra attention to reach their goals. Our instructors have an extensive background working with students with ADD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Delay and Dyslexia, as well as those with particular physical limitations. Our staff also offers specialized instruction on an individual basis for students interested in private training classes and personal training programs.

Seishin has produced  28 state champions, 30 national champions, and 12 world champions. Our regional competition team, “Team Seishin,” is consistently ranked as one of the best in New England and Seishin maintains a close relationship with “Team Straight Up,” a top competitive sport karate team which competes throughout the Americas and Europe. Seishin students have also been members of Team USA/WKC USA World Team, and Seishin’s founder Shihan Eric trains with Professor Rocky DiRico, a founding member of the prestigious Paul-Mitchell Karate Team. Seishin instructors have been featured on/in ESPN, movies, documentaries, and music videos.


‘A family atmosphere where kids will grow their physical, mental and life skills.  Our daughter has been attending Seishin Martial Arts for over eight years, and has developed not only her karate skills, but has gotten stronger both mentally and physically.  The discipline instilled has certainly helped her with her study habits and decision making.  Sensei Tim really does a great job creating an open family atmosphere where all are welcome. Highly recommend!’

-Dave & Dawn S.

Our family's journey with Seishin started  over 6 years ago when our daughters wanted to try martial arts because it looked like fun! Little did we know that they would learn so many other valuable life lessons far beyond martial arts practice. Sensei Tim has taught many life skills such as self discipline, stress management, self confidence, self control, positive self image, and the value of team work. Sensei Tim is an amazing instructor, role model and mentor. He has a way of relating to all his students, both young and teens. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to chose Seishin because it has truly enriched our daughters lives in so many ways. 

-Carly & Jay B.

Seishin Martial Arts has taught our children more than just karate and self-defense.  It's taught them life skills like loyalty, discipline, and respect.  Seishin has given our children a safe space to learn and develop as young adults.  It has given them tremendous self-confidence and has encouraged them to push themselves to be their best- both in Karate and in Life. 

-Sean & Jenn F.

We have been a part of the Seishin family for over six years. And, it’s been such a wonderful and positive experience. Our son, now a black belt and competitor on Team Seishin, started out as a very shy child. As the smallest kid in his class we wanted our son to be more confident in himself and his abilities. We tried a few karate schools in the area. After talking with Tim, we immediately knew we had found the best fit for our son. Tim has a very inclusive teaching style—but also demands that each student representing Seishin acts in a respectable manner. He is a great partner in supporting our son’s growth and development in to a good, kind and honest person. Tim understands the importance of communication—and always welcomes dialogue. The physical work is challenging—no doubt about that—but the pride, confidence and kindness that Tim instills in his students is remarkable.

-John & Laura B.

Seishin In Washington D.C.

US Capitol Classics Tournament

What We Teach:

Seishin instructs a two part curriculum of Kenpo (traditional/classic martial arts) and Sport Karate (Modern Training & Athletics). Kenpo is a combination of Chinese and Japanese martial arts originating in Okinawa as Kajukenbo later evolving in the Hawaiian Islands as Kenpo.


Kenpo’s primary focus is on self-defense whereas Sport Karate is the athletic and competitive side of the martial arts including but not limited to point sparring, weapons training, forms (kata), and acrobatics. Seishin’s martial arts system also includes elements including but not limited to Japanese Jujutsu, Aikido, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Capoeira, and Wing Chun. 

By learning a traditional art, students are able to learn the culture, art, and history behind their martial arts. Students learn classical movements that have been practiced for generations and learn to identify which techniques translate to modern training. With sport karate, students develop a better awareness of their center of gravity, and see improvement in  balance, flexibility, and stamina. 


Seishin students learn how to diffuse situations with both verbal and non-verbal communication while also also learning simple and effective real world self-defense techniques designed to neutralize physical altercations. 

Who Can Benefit:


Just about anyone can benefit from the Martial Arts: Men, Women, and Children from ages 4 to adult. In class, students work with others of similar skill level and a comparable level of experience. Instructors provide personal attention to all students so that each individual can develop his or her karate skills at a comfortable pace. 

Seishin is more than just a karate school, it is team and a karate family. We take an active roll in our community and have been active supporters of local organizations and charities including the local PTO, The Medway Police Toy Drive, "Dodging 4 School," and The Ryan Harvey Foundation


Students at Seishin develop relationships that will last their entire lives. And in addition to those relationships, they also develop skills that will help them in all aspects of life. Youth students of Seishin have graduated at the top of their class and enrolled at some of the finest universities. Students, both children and adults, find a new sense of focus, confidence, and determination.  We thank you for your interest in our school, and welcome you to come experience what makes us who we are.


Come be part of the fun! Check out all of our programs and find which one fits your family the best!

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