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Pre-Teen/Teen Program

Seishin's Pre-Teen/Teen Program is designed specifically for middle/high school age students of all ability and athletic levels. The program includes a two part curriculum consisting of Kenpo Karate (traditional/classical martial art style) and Sport Karate (modern techniques & athletics.) Offering something for everyone from high energy classes to curriculum based traditional training. Our curriculum and class structure provide students with cardiovascular exercise, flexibility training, strength and conditioning in addition to their martial arts techniques. During classes, students work on their rank/belt requirements through a combination of classroom drills and techniques and receive specific instruction by the instructor regarding there progress and individual goal accomplishments each student is look to achieve. We encourage supplemental training through independent home practices which helps instill reasonability and commitment in students. Instructors also teach life skills during classes which include but are not limited to individual goal setting, time management (ie home practice routines), physical fitness and wellness as well as relaxation exercises to help managing stress and anxiety related to daily life. Students will have opportunities to work in small groups where instructors encourage teamwork providing students with a social outlet that helps develop their interpersonal communication skills. Instructors operate as role models to aid students in becoming confident, capable, and caring adults by emphasizing the importance of our Principles of Conduct (effort, etiquette, character, sincerity, self-control) in their daily lives.

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