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A Team Of Champions

Taking Excellence To a New Level

Students and instructors at Seishin Martial Arts / Sport Karate Academy are true veterans of the Sport Karate competition circuits. In fact, at least one member of Seishin has won a National Championship every year since 2002. We attend numerous regional and national competitions throughout the year both on the KRANE and NASKA circuits. 

Tournament competition, while not a requirement, is an outstanding venue for students looking to obtain a greater understanding of the martial arts. Using competition as a vehicle, students are taught the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them.


Seishin proudly features two top karate teams. First, our regional team, "Team Seishin," regularly competes all around New England and is one the top rated teams in the region. Team Seishin frequently is awarded the Massachusetts Team Of The Year award (KRANE Ratings.) The team is home to countless State, National, and Over-All Grand Champions.

Seishin also has a long standing affiliation with top national team, "Team Straight Up," and serves as a training facility for many of its members. Founded in 1996, Team Straight Up is consistently ranked as one of the best sport karate teams in the world. 17 Seishin members have been welcomed onto this team including a large majority of current Seishin instructors! Sensei Tim and Sensei Kurt also serve as coaches to the team.

Seishin's group of competitors both regional and national double as a performance team, bringing Seishin’s dynamic and exciting sport karate performances to audiences all over including town festivals, fundraisers, and sporting events (e.g. The Providence Bruins.) If you are interested in having Seishin perform at your event, please visit our contact page. 

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