Founded in 1996, Team Straight Up (Powered By G-Force) has been one of the most successful sport karate teams in the world and has been home to countless World Champion martial artists. Led by the world famous Coach Joe Greenhalgh, Straight Up aims to not only reach the pinnacle of success in sport martial arts competition, but to innovate and improve the sport as a whole. 

Some of the most famous competitors grace the list of Team Straight Up Alumni including but not limited to: Kim Do, Joey Greenhalgh, Marc Canonizado, Daniel Sterling, Ramond Daniels, Jadi Tention, Jessica Greenhalgh, Sammy Vasquez, Anthony Atkins, and many more. Throughout the years, our team has changed the way martial arts competition is done, revolutionizing the sport karate world along the way.

Today, our team is still made up of some of the most talented martial artists in the world. in forms, weapons, and sparring. Remember, when you are at the top there is only way to go (Straight Up,) and if you don't have the (G) Force, you have already lost!


The Team


Team Straight Up is proudly backed by G-Force Gear. G-Force is the leading sport martial arts weapons provider in the world. All of G-Force's weapons are handcrafted in the USA and available in a huge range of stunning chrome colors. G-Force weapons are used by many of the best performance martial artists worldwide.

They are the lightest on the market and perfectly balanced and weighted to feel just right for tricks, spins, rolls and throws. As individual as you are, each weapon is handmade and customized with stunning attention to detail, the tough Mylar coating is high shine and eye catching to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

G-Force revolutionized the way sport martial arts weapons were made and subseqently revolutionized sport martial arts as a whole. 



Team Seishin Professional Headquarters

Seishin Martial Arts / Sport Karate Academy

74 Main St. Medway, MA. 02053

(508) 533-1501 | info@seishinsportkarate.com

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